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Celine Dion Wardrobe Malfunction

Posted on by Scott Fox

Celine Dion was left red-faced after accidentally flashing the audience at a concert in Jamaica on Friday.  The singer gave the crowd more than they bargained for after donning a very short dress for her performance at the Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival in Trelawny. 

Dion then decided to change into a more conservative pair of leggings – after realizing she was accidentally baring too much for stunned fans in the first few rows.  She tells fashion series The Trend, “The short gold dress was Balmain…Was that short enough?  Because normally when people are level (with the stage) the length is fine.  But people were like this (looks up)… So it was like I didn’t think of the people downstairs and me there.”

Here are a few shots of the short skirt Celine was wearing before she changed.


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